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Browse our wide range of park model homes for sale in Florida, suitable for every budget. Experience the best of tiny living with homes that offer smart space usage, customizable design, and durable construction.

Whether you’re looking for a comfy small home or a high-end tiny home, our collection guarantees great value and comfort. Start your journey to finding the perfect Park model with us today and see how affordable and luxurious small-scale living can be.

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Our Park Model Homes

1 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $47,950!

1 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $57,950!

2 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $65,050!

2 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $61,950!

2 BED · 2 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $40,000!

1 BED · 1 BATH · 216 SQFT

Now Starting at $35,000!

Pioneering the Park Model Home Revolution

We prioritize Quality

Every corner of our park model homes reflects our excellent commitment to excellence. Designed to maximize luxury and comfort, our tiny homes are renowned for their quality craftsmanship.

We offer Choices

Respecting the individual needs and tastes of our buyers, our park model homes cater to a wide range of preferences. From contemporary styles to traditional designs, our catalog boasts various customization options to suit every discerning buyer.

We are Affordable

Our tiny homes offer unmatched comfort, luxury, and quality at accessible price points. We refuse to compromise on style, strength, or sustainability, ensuring exceptional value for our customers. Explore our park model homes to discover unparalleled affordability.

We focus on Sustainability

Phoenix park model RVs seamlessly marry luxury with sustainability, exemplified by their eco-conscious design and use of environmentally sustainable materials. Reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort.

We deliver in Florida

Our park model RVs are not just homes; they’re reflections of Florida’s rich culture, landscape, and climate. We deeply understand the local ethos and ensure our RVs seamlessly integrate with them, echoing the stories of Florida.

Why Chooses Phoenix Park Models in Florida?

We’ve built more than just homes; we’ve cultivated enduring relationships, trust, and recognition that drive us to deliver excellence. Florida residents recognize and appreciate our unwavering commitment to our products and clientele.

At Phoenix Park Models, we’re dedicated to providing you with a dream lifestyle that prioritizes space efficiency, modern amenities, and a connection to the surrounding environment.


Very nice park model homes. Very unique. Quick to respond and answered all my questions.

Jorge Jr Solis

I purchase a park mobile home and love it! They were super helpful in which was best for me!

Monnass lifee

This is a great local place for park model homes near me. Jodi was awesome. Highly recommended!

Ellie Carver

Start your Compact living journey with Phoenix

Park model homes offer a comprehensive solution for those seeking compact, efficient, and sustainable living. Whether you’re curious about the park model RV lifestyle or ready to make the switch, we’re here to address your queries.

Our mission is to redefine the way Florida residents live. If you’re in search of “park model homes for sale near me,” your search ends here. Begin your next chapter with Phoenix Park Models.

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