Park Model homes in South Carolina

Phoenix Park Models is more than a name—it signifies elite compact living. As sustainable luxury housing becomes a preference, our Park Model homes in South Carolina shine with unmatched quality. From dedicated searches to leisurely browsing of park model RVs, Phoenix Park Models stands as South Carolina’s trusted go-to for superior RV homes.

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Our Park Model Homes

1 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $50,950!

1 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $60,950!

2 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $68,050!

2 BED · 1 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $64,950!

2 BED · 2 BATH · 393 SQFT

Now Starting at $43,000!

1 BED · 1 BATH · 216 SQFT

Now Starting at $37,000!

Pioneering the Park Model Home Revolution

We prioritize Quality

We precisely craft every inch of our park model homes, ensuring an exceptional luxury experience and long-lasting Quality. We make you feel like you are living in a home, not just a compact structure.

We offer Choices

Personalization isn’t just an option; it’s a fundamental right. Our wide selection of park model homes for sale accommodates various preferences. Whether you prefer modern elegance or classic, traditional designs, our collection is sure to include something that aligns perfectly with your unique aesthetic preferences.

We are Affordable

True luxury encompasses style, durability, and affordability. Delve into our park model homes to discover exceptional value. At Phoenix Park Models, we provide a blend of elegance, resilience, and competitive pricing in every offering.

We focus on Sustainability

In the contemporary landscape, luxury isn’t truly luxurious without a commitment to Sustainability. Our compact park model RVs epitomize this fusion. Designed with eco-friendly materials and practices, these homes minimize carbon emissions while maintaining the highest standards of elegance and comfort.

We deliver in South Carolina

Each home has its narrative, and ours reflects the rich tales of South Carolina. With a deep understanding of the local landscape, culture, climate, and, most importantly, its people, every park model mobile home embodies this insight, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of South Carolina’s identity.

Why Choose Phoenix Park Models in South Carolina?

Over the years of experience, we have gained the trust and appreciation of South Carolina residents, who drive us to deliver the best work. They recognize and appreciate our commitment to excellence and comment on our product and clientele.

With our park model mobile homes, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a new lifestyle you dreamt of. We offer what you haven’t thought about, including modern amenities, space efficiency, and a connection to the environment.


Very nice park model homes. Very unique. Quick to respond and answered all my questions.

Jorge Jr Solis

I purchase a park mobile home and love it! They were super helpful in which was best for me!

Monnass lifee

This is a great local place for park model homes near me. Jodi was awesome. Highly recommended!

Ellie Carver

Start your Compact living journey with Phoenix

As the desire for compact, efficient living rises, Phoenix Park Models stands ready not only to meet but surpass these changing demands. Whether you’re intrigued by the park model RV lifestyle or prepared to embrace it fully, our doors are wide open.

Ultimately, our mission is straightforward yet impactful: to redefine what home means for South Carolina locals. If you’re in search of “park model homes for sale near me,” look no further. Let Phoenix Park Models be the beginning of your next journey.

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