What is a Park Model?

What is a Park Model Home?

Park Model Homes are built to ANSI (American
National Standards Institute) code (A119.5)
and have a gross enclosed area of no more
than 400 sq feet

Our park model homes wear blue & gold
RVIA seal on the exterior of the home which
certifies we comply with the requirements of
quality standards.

What is a Park Model Home?

Where can i place my Park Model?

Park model homes can be placed in RV campgrounds – on an owned or leased lot or on private property, as long as your local county zoning allows


Our park model homes come with a 50 amp RV
cord and connect to on site electric, sewer, and
water the same as a traditional RV.

We design our park model homes with efficiency
in mind; which optimizes space, convenience,
and affordability. 

The traditional ‘park trailer’ set up can be
completed quickly, allowing you to stay in the
park model home on the same day it is


Park model homes are considered recreational vehicles that can be transported and placed long-term or permanently at destinations where RVs are allowed. Once set up, park models are connected to necessary utilities to operate home-style fixtures and appliances. They are popular choices for cottages, vacation homes, or retirement residences.

Choosing to live in a Phoenix Park Home aligns with the concept of simple living, which involves voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. Simple living can include reducing possessions (minimalism) or increasing self-sufficiency. It is characterized by finding contentment with what one has rather than constantly desiring more. While simple living shares some similarities with asceticism, it is not limited to those living in forced poverty. It is a voluntary lifestyle choice often associated with the Tiny House Movement.

You have several options for parking and living in a tiny home, including rural land, a backyard, or an RV/mobile home park.

Park model homes aren’t placed on permanent foundations, since they are RVs they have to remain mobile. Several options are available, such as using wooden blocks to distribute weight and relieve pressure from the wheel structure—a popular and cost-effective choice. Screw piles of different widths and depths offer stability, minimize movement, and are also used for securing decks and park model additions. They require minimal ground space and are cost-effective. Concrete pilings or solid cement foundation walls, similar to those used in regular houses, are less common nowadays but may still be an option in certain communities. It is imperative to check with your local county zoning office to see your specific zoning rules regarding park model homes.

When selecting a model, it’s important to consider whether the park model will be pulled onto the lot or backed onto the space to avoid any surprises with a reversed plan.


We are a family-owned park model home manufacturer located in Douglas, Georgia.