Park Model Insurance: Things to Know

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Thinking about buying a park model home to escape the hustle and bustle? These miniature dream homes offer a unique blend of comfort and affordability. But before you move in, there’s one crucial step: securing park model insurance.

Things to know before buying a Park Model Insurance

Park model insurance, sometimes called RV insurance, protects your investment from unexpected events.  Just like a traditional homeowner’s policy, park model insurance offers various coverage options to fit your needs

Do you need Park Model Insurance?

Legally you don’t need one, but to protect your investment it is always recommended to get park model insurance. Here is why it’s important to purchase a park model insurance

Why It’s Important

Natural Disaster Protection – Coverage for damage from storms, floods, and other natural disasters.

Accidents and Liability – Accidents happen. Liability coverage protects you financially if someone gets injured while visiting your park model.

Rental Security (if applicable): If you plan to rent out your park model, insurance can provide peace of mind by covering potential damage or liability issues during rentals.

Transportation Coverage – Protects your investment during relocation or transport of your park model.

full house series park model - Phoenix
Full house series park model by Phoenix

What are the insurance coverage options?

Park model insurance policies vary, so it’s important to understand the different coverage options available.  Here’s a general overview:

Dwelling Coverage – Protects the structure of your park model home in case of covered perils.

Contents Coverage – Provides financial protection for your furniture, appliances, and personal belongings.

Liability Coverage – Offers financial security if someone gets injured on your property.

Additional Coverage – Depending on your location and needs, you might consider additional coverage options like flood or earthquake insurance.

How much does a park model insurance cost?

Park model insurance costs typically range from $700 to $1,500 annually, depending on various factors. Get quotes to find the best rate for your park model.

Park Model Insurance Companies

Note: Phoenix Park Models does not endorse any specific insurance companies. The list provided is intended as a starting point for your research.

We highly recommend comparing quotes and coverage options from a variety of reputable insurance providers to find the best policy for your individual needs.

Insurance Company

Estimated Cost Range

Possible Exclusions

Important Notes

Covertree$1,000 – $1,500+May vary, check the detailsOffers specialized park model home insurance policies.
Allstate (Mobile Home Insurance)$700 – $1,200Varies by location, and may not be available in all areasCoverage may exclude some park models, check with Allstate.
Roamly$800 – $1,300May have limitations on full-time rentalsFocuses on insuring tiny homes and RVs, can be a good option for short-term rentals of your park model.
Stratum$900 – $1,400Varies by location and coverage selectionOffers park model home insurance across the U.S.

Does the policy cover transportation of the park model?

In most cases, standard park model insurance policies won’t cover transportation of your park model.  This is because park models are typically considered oversized loads, and moving them often involves specialized companies with their own insurance

Here’s a breakdown of transportation coverage:

Trucking company insurance – The hauling company typically has insurance that covers the park model itself during transport.

Separate trip insurance – If you’re moving the park model yourself, you might consider purchasing separate trip insurance specifically designed for oversized loads.

It’s important to clarify transportation coverage details with your chosen insurance provider.

a park model is transported for deilvery

Does Insurance include Park Model Rental?

Standard park model insurance typically excludes rentals. To ensure peace of mind, you’ll need additional coverage specific to your rental scenario. 

Here’s a breakdown of the two main rental types and their insurance considerations:

Short-Term Rentals (VRBO, Airbnb):

  • Platform Insurance: Many platforms like VRBO and Airbnb offer in-house insurance coverage for rentals. However, carefully review their policies as coverage may vary.
  • Vacation Rental Insurance: Supplement platform coverage with dedicated vacation rental insurance for additional protection.
  • Standard Park Model Insurance (Gap Coverage): While vacation rental insurance covers rentals, you’ll still need standard park model insurance for periods when your park model isn’t rented.
  • Commercial Insurance (Potential Need): If you rent out your park model frequently, you might need to upgrade to a commercial insurance policy.
  • Specialized Providers: Companies like Roamly offer insurance specifically designed for part-time rentals of RVs and tiny homes, which may be suitable for your park model.

Full-Time Rentals:

  • Renter’s Insurance: For long-term rentals, requiring your tenants to have renter’s insurance is crucial. This protects your property from renter-caused damage and covers potential tenant injuries.
  • Varying Requirements: Insurance companies may have different approaches to full-time rentals. Be sure to discuss your specific situation with each provider.

Remember: No two situations are identical. Always ask questions and get quotes from multiple insurance companies to find the best policy for your specific park model rental scenario.

Park model insurance offers peace of mind, safeguarding your investment from unexpected events. Just like a traditional home, your park model deserves protection. 

By understanding coverage options, comparing quotes, and choosing the right policy, you can relax and enjoy your park model haven knowing it’s secure.

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